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Roy Krøvel

Roy Krøvel


Roy Krøvel is Professor of Journalism at OsloMet and Professor II at Sami University College. Krøvel is a civil engineer with a thesis on project management and environmental risk. In 2006, he completed a PhD in the history of guerrilla organizations, the use of the Internet and journalism in Mexico and Central America. He has also been Professor II connected to Latin American studies at the University of Oslo. Since 2008, he has coordinated a collaboration with the network of intercultural and indigenous universities in Latin America (RUIICAY) funded by DIKU and NORAD (NORHED). Since 2017, he has been project leader of the project "Making Transparency Possible" funded by the Research Council of Norway. Krøvel is one of two leaders of the research group "Media, war and conflict" at OsloMet.

Research projects

  • The AI Journalism Resource Center

    The AIJRC is a resource center for AI and Data Science in investigative journalism. It is a collaboration between the AI Lab and the Department of Journalism and Media Studies at OsloMet.

Scientific publications

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