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Elsebeth Frey

Elsebeth Frey


Teaches journalism, online journalisme and feature journalism, press freedom, critical source review, crisis journalism, safety of journalists and trauma studies, writing and reporting skills. Experience also in teaching and guiding journalism students and journalism teachers in Palestine, Uganda, Tunisia, Algeria and France. The editor of our online training site Journalen
Research interests are crisis journalism, safety and trauma studies, press freedom, journalistic core values, online journalism, pedagogy, child welfare, film review.
Background as journalist at Journalisten (2007-1998). Institutt for Journalistikk (1994-1998). Journalist at Norsk Ukeblad (1983-1994). Film reviewer freelance for Film-Nytt (1983-1985). Journalist at Morgenbladet (1982).

Fields of study

Subject areas

Online journalism   Journalism   Public sphere   Social media   Sources   Crisis journalism   Journalism core values

Scientific publications

Frey, Elsebeth (2023). Preparing for risks and building resilience. Journalism Studies .

Holtekjølen, Fredrik; Frey, Elsebeth (2022). Hvordan blir trygdeeksport omtalt og gitt mening av VG før og etter NAV-skandalen? En kritisk diskursanalyse av VG-saker om trygdeeksport i perioden 2012–2019. Norsk Medietidsskrift . Vol. 29.

Frey, Elsebeth; Abudheir, Farid A. F.; Araszkiewiez, Jacques; Ntulume, Charlotte (2021). What is press freedom? a study on journalims students' perception of press freedom. Journalism Education . Vol. 10.

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Frey, Elsebeth (2018). Victims' Use of Social Media during and after the Utøya Terror Attack: Fear, Resilience, Sorrow and Solidarity. Hornmoen, Harald; Backholm, Klas (Ed.). Social Media Use in Crisis and Risk Communication: Emergencies, Concerns and Awareness. Kapittel 2. p. 43-62. Emerald Group Publishing Limited.

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Frey, Elsebeth (2018). "Do You Tweet When Your Friends Are Getting Shot?" Victims' Experience With, and Perspectives on, the Use of Social Media During a Terror Attack. Social Media + Society . Vol. 4.

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Rahman, Golam; Frey, Elsebeth; El Bour, Hamida; Knudsen, Anders Graver; Rhaman, Mofizur; Steien, Solveig; Yacoub, Taoufik (2017). Core Values of Journalism among Students in Bangladesh, Norway and Tunisia: A Comparative Study. Daffodil Journal of Humanities & Social Science . Vol. 4.

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