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Harald Hornmoen

Harald Hornmoen


Research and teaching mostly within journalism and journalism studies (science and the media studies, science journalism, literary journalism, sports journalism, language and discourse in journalism), but also risk communication.

Coordinator of RESCUE (2014-2017), a multidisciplinary research project with partners in Austria, Finland and the UK.

Head of Research Group "Individual exposure in journalism" (INDEX) from January 2014 to July 2016, and from August 2017. degree in 2003, thesis on science journalism

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Media studies and journalism

Research projects

Scientific publications

Hornmoen, Harald ; Knudsen, Anders Graver (2024). Critically Contextualizing a Mega-Event: Nordic Sports Commentaries During the 2022 World Cup in Football. Media and Communication. Vol. 12.

Knudsen, Anders Graver ; Hornmoen, Harald ; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie (2024). Sports Journalists as Agents of Change: Shifting Political Goalposts in Nordic Countries. Media and Communication. Vol. 12.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad ; Alnæs, Jørgen (2023). Journalistisk langtidsvarsel: Narrativ analyse av framtidsfortellinger i norske nyhetsmedier. 25 p. Journalistica.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad ; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie ; Fonn, Birgitte Kjos ; Stuedahl, Dagny (2022). Media narratives, agonistic deliberation, and Skam An analysis of how young people communicate in digital spaces. Nordicom Review. Vol. 43.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Steensen, Steen (2021). Journalistikkens filosofi. ISBN: 978-82-15-05290-8. 226 p. Universitetsforlaget.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Gjefsen, Mads Dahl; Vie, Knut Jørgen (2021). Questioning researchers' evaluation of communication experiences: A combined interview- and media-based study of communicating socially contestable research. 18 p. Observatorio (OBS*). Vol. 15.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Andersen, Nina Blom (2020). The Public Face of an Epidemic Risk: Personalization of an Ebola Outbreak in Nordic Media. Hornmoen, Harald; Fonn, Birgitte Kjos; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad (Ed.). Media Health. The Personal in Public Stories. p. 207-235. Universitetsforlaget.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Fonn, Birgitte Kjos ; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie ; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad (2020). Media Health. The Personal in Public Stories. ISBN: 9788215040844. 247 p. Universitetsforlaget.

Hornmoen, Harald (2018). “Environmentally friendly oil and gas production”: Analyzing Governmental Argumentation and Press Deliberation on Oil Policy. 15 p. Environmental Communication. Vol. 12.

Hornmoen, Harald ; Backholm, Klas; Frey, Elsebeth ; Ottosen, Rune ; Reimerth, Gudrun; Steensen, Steen (2018). Key Communicators’ Perspectives on the Use of Social Media in Risks and Crises. Andersen, Robin; de Silva, Purnaka L (Ed.). The Routledge Companion to Media and Humanitarian Action. Routledge.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete