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Dagny Stuedahl

Dagny Stuedahl

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Labour   Cultural studies of knowledge and science   Epistemology   Information technology   Identity and psychology   Feminist theory   Patient and public involvment in research   Cultural Analysis


Denmark   United Kingdom   Norway   USA

Research projects

Scientific publications

Hornmoen, Harald; Hågvar, Yngve Benestad; Hyde-Clarke, Nathalie; Fonn, Birgitte Kjos; Stuedahl, Dagny (2022). Media narratives, agonistic deliberation, and Skam An analysis of how young people communicate in digital spaces. Nordicom Review . Vol. 43.

Eikeland, Ingrid; Stuedahl, Dagny (2021). Co-Designing a Controversy-Based Educational Programme in a Science Centre. Achiam, Marianne; Dillon, Justin; Glackin, Melissa (Ed.). Addressing Wicked Problems through Science Education: The Role of Out-of-School Experiences. 2. p. 9-32. Springer.

Stuedahl, Dagny; Lefkaditou, Ageliki; Ellefsen, Gro Synnøve; Skåtun, Torhild (2021). Design anthropological approaches in collaborative museum curation. Design Studies . Vol. 75.

Holdgaard, Nanna; Stuedahl, Dagny (2021). Brugerindragende museumsdesign. Hejlskov Larsen, Ane; Skytte Jacobsen, Lise; Nørskov, Vinnie (Ed.). Brugerinndragende museumsdesign. 12. p. 317-339. Aarhus Universitetsforlag.

Roth, Solveig Iren; Stuedahl, Dagny (2020). Multi-ethnic Girls’ Social Positional Identities in Educational Transitions. Girlhood Studies An Interdisciplinary Journal . Vol. 13.

Stuedahl, Dagny; Skåtun, Torhild; Lefkaditou, Ageliki (2020). Participation and dialogue: curatorial reflexivity in participatory processes. Galani, Areti; Mason, Rhiannon; Arrigoni, Gabi (Ed.). European Heritage, Dialogue and Digital Practices. 4. p. 62-84. Routledge.

Stuedahl, Dagny (2018). Participation in design and changing practices of museum development. Drotner, Kirsten; Dziekan, Vincent; Parry, Ross; Schrøder, Kim Christian (Ed.). The Routledge Handbook of Museums, Media and Communication. III.4. p. 219-233. Routledge.

Stuedahl, Dagny; Skåtun, Torhild (2018). collaborative design and museum media innovation The ‘To and From the Youth’-project – Including Youth as Experts. Stuedahl, Dagny; vestergaard, vitus (Ed.). Media Innovations and Design in Cultural Institutions. kapittel 2. p. 15-33. Nordicom.

Frøyland, Merethe; Stuedahl, Dagny; Sandberg, Victoria (2018). UtVite-modellen. Et utviklingsverktøy for redesign av vitensenterutstillinger. ISBN: 9788215031095. 90 p. Universitetsforlaget. 10.18261/9788215031088-2017-02

Stuedahl, Dagny; vestergaard, vitus (2018). Media Innovations and Design in Cultural Institutions. ISBN: 978-91-87957-92-5. 121 p. Nordicom.

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