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Ragnhild Olsen

Ragnhild Olsen


Associate professor in journalism and media studies. Teaches media theory, research method and online journalism. Has a research interest in digitization and value creation in journalism, specifically in local journalism, as well as the user perspective in editorial priorities and strategic development  in news media.

Scientific publications

Sjøvaag, Helle; Olsen, Ragnhild ; Ferrer Conill, Raul (2024). Delivering content: Modular broadcasting technology and the role of content delivery networks. Telecommunications Policy.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Hess, Kristy (2024). “It’s New to Us”: Exploring Authentic Innovation in Local News Settings. 15 p. Media and Communication. Vol. 12.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Furseth, Peder Inge (2023). Service Innovation and Value Creation in Local Journalism During Times of Crisis. Journalism Studies. Vol. 24.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Mathisen, Birgit Røe (2023). Deserted Local News: Exploring News Deserts From a Journalistic Recruitment Perspective. 11 p. Media and Communication. Vol. 11.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Olsen, Gunhild Ring ; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2022). Unpacking Value Creation Dynamics in Journalism Education. A Covid-19 Case Study. Journalism Practice.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Solvoll, Mona K ; Futsæter, Knut Arne (2022). Gatekeepers as Safekeepers—Mapping Audiences’ Attitudes towards News Media’s Editorial Oversight Functions during the COVID-19 Crisis. 15 p. Journalism and Media. Vol. 3.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine (2021). Brukerbetaling i lokalaviser – en trussel for bruksmangfold og lokaldemokrati?. Gran, Anne-Britt; Røssaak, Eivind (Ed.). Mangfold i spill: Digitalisering av kultur og medier i Norge. p. 190-210. Universitetsforlaget.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine (2021). The Value of Local News in the Digital Realm–Introducing the Integrated Value Creation Model. Digital Journalism. Vol. 9.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Kalsnes, Bente ; Barland, Jens (2021). Do Small Streams Make a Big River? Detailing the Diversification of Revenue Streams in Newspapers’ Transition to Digital Journalism Businesses. 22 p. Digital Journalism.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine ; Pickard, Victor; Westlund, Oscar (2020). Communal News Work: COVID-19 Calls for Collective Funding of Journalism. 7 p. Digital Journalism. Vol. 8.

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