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Heidi Røsok-Dahl

Heidi Røsok-Dahl


PhD Fellow at OsloMet, research concentrating on news media and reaching the youth. Ethnographic fieldwork at public broadcaster NRK. Fields of interest: Gatekeeping, platform power, news on social media, audience engagement, news avoidance, ethnography. Former videojournalist in NTB and reporter in TV 2. Have been teaching journalism at all levels, especially focused on videojournalism at OsloMet from 2015-2022, before embarking on the PhD-journey. 

Scientific publications

Eide, Elisabeth; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2023). Brobyggere med båt: "Skamløse jenters" identitetsnavigering. Alghasi, Sharam; Eriksen, Thomas Hylland (Ed.). Flerkulturelle scenarioer: Mur, bro eller båt?. Kapittel 8. p. 182-206. Cappelen Damm AS.

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine; Olsen, Gunhild Ring; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2022). Unpacking Value Creation Dynamics in Journalism Education. A Covid-19 Case Study. Journalism Practice .

Røsok-Dahl, Heidi; Orgeret, Kristin (2020). Sports Journalism, Interns and #MeToo – did anything change?. Journalistica .

Eide, Elisabeth; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2019). Strategically Shameless Voices? Young Women Speak for Themselves. Moy, Patricia; Matheson, Donald (Ed.). Voices Exploring the Shifting Contours of Communication. Chapter 5. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

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