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Heidi Røsok-Dahl

Heidi Røsok-Dahl


Former videojournalist in NTB and reporter in TV 2. Teaches journalism at all levels, especially focused on videojournalism.

Scientific publications

Olsen, Ragnhild Kristine; Olsen, Gunhild Ring; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2022). Unpacking Value Creation Dynamics in Journalism Education. A Covid-19 Case Study. Journalism Practice .

Røsok-Dahl, Heidi; Orgeret, Kristin (2020). Sports Journalism, Interns and #MeToo – did anything change?. Journalistica .

Eide, Elisabeth; Røsok-Dahl, Heidi (2019). Strategically Shameless Voices? Young Women Speak for Themselves. Moy, Patricia; Matheson, Donald (Ed.). Voices Exploring the Shifting Contours of Communication. Chapter 5. Peter Lang Publishing Group.

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