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Anders Breidlid

Anders Breidlid

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

African literature   History   Education   Sociology

Subject areas

Human rights   HIV/AIDS   Discourses   International, comparative education   International politics   Education and Development   African Literature   Indigenous knowledge   American Civilization and Literature


Chile   Cuba   Kenya   Sudan   South Sudan   USA   South Africa   Zambia

Scientific publications

Breidlid, Anders (2020). Beyond the Western paradigm: Indigenization of education systems, the sustainable development goals and state building in Sub-Saharan Africa. Breidlid, Anders; Krøvel, Roy (Ed.). Indigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda. 1. p. 13-32. Routledge.

Breidlid, Anders; Krøvel, Roy (2020). Indigenous Knowledges and the Sustainable Development Agenda. ISBN: 9780367425968. 256 p. Routledge.

Heltne, Unni Marie; Dybdahl, Ragnhild; Sherif, Suliama; Breidlid, Anders (2020). Psychosocial Support and Emergency Education: An Explorative Study of Perceptions among Adult Stakeholders in Sudan and South Sudan. Sustainability .

Breidlid, Anders (2019). Education and Armed Conflict in Sudan and South Sudan: The Role of Teachers in Conflict Resolution and Peace Building. Journal of Advances in Education Research. Vol. Vol. 4.

Skårås, Merethe; Carsillo, Tami; Breidlid, Anders (2019). The ethnic/local, the national and the global: Global citizenship education in South Sudan. British Journal of Educational Studies .

Skårås, Merethe; Breidlid, Anders (2016). Teaching the violent past in secondary schools in new independent South Sudan. Education as Change (EAC) . Vol. 20.

Breidlid, Anders (2016). Educación,conocimientos indígenas y desarrollo en el sur global. Cuestionando los conocimientos para un futuro sostenible. ISBN: 978-987-722-212-8. 311 p. CLACSO Latin American Council of Social Sciences.

Breidlid, Anders (2016). Indigenous knowledges and Western epistemology: the challenges of sustainable development in education in the global South. Anja, Heikkinen; Aaro, Harju (Ed.). Adult education and the Planetary Condition. 1. p. 16-30.

Breidlid, Anders (2016). The Global Architecture of Education and Its Ramifications for Education and Learning in the Global South. Cole, David R.; Woodrow, Christine (Ed.). Super Dimensions in Globalisation and Education. 8. p. 125-145. Springer Publishing Company.

Breidlid, Anders; Botha, Louis Royce (2015). Indigenous Knowledges in Education: Anticolonial Struggles in a Monocultural Arena with Reference to Cases from the Global South. Jacob, W. James; Cheng, Sheng Yao; Porter, Maureen K. (Ed.). Indigenous Education - Language, Culture and Identity. 16. p. 319-339. Springer Science+Business Media B.V..

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