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Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen

Per Martin Norheim-Martinsen


As Vice-Rector (Vice President) at OsloMet I have responsibility for research, development and innovation at the university. I am also the leader of our central R&D advisory board and OsloMet´s Sustainability Council. 

My background is in Political Science, and I am a Professor in Security and European Politics at OsloMet. I have a PhD in International Studies from the University of Cambridge (2010). Previously I have experience from various research and leadership positions at the Norwegian Defence Research Establishment, the Fafo research foundation and the Norwegian Institute for Defence Studies. Before coming to OsloMet in 2019, I worked at the Command and Staff College at the Norwegian Defence University College.

Research interests:

Scientific publications

Rongved, Gjermund Forfang; Norheim- Martinsen, Per Martin (2022). Totalforsvaret i praksis. ISBN: 9788205566873. 216 p. Gyldendal Akademisk.

Norheim- Martinsen, Per Martin; Hoelscher, Kristian (2014). Urban Violence and the Militirization of Security: Brazilian ‘Peacekeeping’ in Rio de Janeiro and Port-au-Prince. 18 p. Small Wars & Insurgencies. Vol. 25.

Norheim- Martinsen, Per Martin; Biscop, Sven (2012). CSDP: The Strategic Perspective. Kurowska, Xymena; Breuer, Fabian (Ed.). Explaining the EU's Common Security and Defence Policy: Theory in Action. p. 63-85. Palgrave Macmillan.

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Norheim-Martinsen, Per Martin; Ravndal, Jacob Aasland (2011). Towards Intelligence-Driven Peace Operations? The Evolution of UN and EU Intelligence Structures. International Peacekeeping. Vol. 18.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete