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Shpresa Basha

Shpresa Basha


She currently teaches and supervises in the Faculty of Early Childhood Education teacher training at OsloMet in Norway. Her current research interests are linked to cultural diversity, racialization, belonging, and identity driven by a desire to prevent alienation and to contribute to social justice. She is committed to postcolonial studies with a focus on critical analysis and the development of social justice at multicultural school. Currently, she is also engaged in the comparative research project. The study is about marginalized students with an ethnic minority background within school and education in Norway and Denmark. Methodologically, she works at the intersections analysis and ethnographic intervention exploring critical storytelling.

Scientific publications

Basha, Shpresa ; Skrefsrud, Thor Andre (2023). Countering Narratives of Identity and Belonging: Multicultural School Events from a Student Perspective. Tavares, Vander; Skrefsrud, Thor Andre (Ed.). Critical and Creative Engagements with Diversity in Nordic Education. p. 313-336. Lexington Books.

Basha, Shpresa (2022). Minoritetsforældres konstruktion af kulturel identitet ved deltagelse på en flerkulturel skolefestival. Forskning i Pædagogers Profession og Uddannelse. Vol. 6.

Basha, Shpresa ; Kjørven, Ole Kolbjørn (2018). Mangfold i praksis: En studie av en flerkulturell festival i skolen. Schjetne, Espen; Skrefsrud, Thor Andre (Ed.). Å være lærer i en mangfoldig skole: Kulturelt og religiøst mangfold, profesjonsverdier og verdigrunnlag. p. 147-161. Gyldendal Akademisk.

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