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Stella Tsotsi

Stella Tsotsi


I am primarily interested in risk factors that may make children and adolescents more susceptible to developing psychopathology. These risk factors involve: 1) child self-regulation (e.g., executive functions, emotion regulation, temperament); 2) parental factors, such as mental health issues and aspects of parenting (transgenerational transmission of mental health issues); 3) biological markers, such as genotype and epigenetic processes. I am also interested in devising and implementing early interventions to assist the more cognitively disadvantaged children in buffering the risk. I am a trained clinical neuropsychologist and have research experience working in large multidisciplinary cohort studies focusing on the above-mentioned research interests.

My current research involves examining the co-coccurrence of aggression and internalizing difficulties in children and adolescents and the role of genetic and epigenetic mechanisms in the association between early life stress, aspects of parenting and child socio-emotional difficulties.

I collaborate with researchers in Montreal and Ottawa (Canada), Amsterdam and Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Saarbrücken (Germany), Manchester (UK) and Singapore in understanding how parental mental health and parenting shapes children’s emotional competence and susceptibility to psychopathology.

I am a peer reviewer for various journals such as the Journal of Affective Disorders, the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships and Infant and Child Development.

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete