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Tanja Storsul

Tanja Storsul


Tanja Storsul is Pro-Rector for Research and Development at OsloMet. She has specific responsibility for monitoring and developing research at the University. Storsul is the Chair of OsloMets Research and Development Committee and represents the University in research-related networks and groups. She is also responsible for OsloMets University Library.

Storsul has previously been Director of Institute for Social Research. She has also been Professor and Head of Department of Media and Communication at the University of Oslo. Her research interests include technology and society, media policy, and how digitalization affects media markets.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Media studies and journalism   Political science and organisational theory

Subject areas

Democracy   Media policy and media regulation   New Media   ICT and societal change   Telecommunications policy


EU   The Nordic Countries



Scientific publications

Krumsvik, Arne H. ; Milan, Stefania; Ni Bhroin, Niamh; Storsul, Tanja (2019). Making (Sense of) Media Innovations. Deuze, Mark; Prenger, Mirjam (Ed.). Making Media: Production, Practices, and Professions. p. 193-205. Amsterdam University Press.

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Kalsnes, Bente ; Krumsvik, Arne H. ; Storsul, Tanja (2014). Social media as a political backchannel: Twitter use during televised election debates in Norway. ASLIB Proceedings. Vol. 66.

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Storsul, Tanja ; Krumsvik, Arne H. (2013). What is Media Innovation?. Storsul, Tanja; Krumsvik, Arne H. (Ed.). Media Innovations. A Multidisciplinary Study of Change. p. 13-26. Nordicom.

Storsul, Tanja (2012). Mediepolitikk. Orgeret, Kristin (Ed.). Norske medier – journalistikk, politikk og kultur. Cappelen Damm Høyskoleforlaget.

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete