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Wolfgang Kampel

Wolfgang Kampel

Scientific publications

Nitter, Therese Bergh; Kampel, Wolfgang ; Svendsen, Kristin V Hirsch; Aas, Bjørn (2017). Comparison of trihalomethanes in the air of two Indoor swimming pool facilities using different type of chlorination and different types of water. 8 p. Water Supply. Vol. 18.

Kampel, Wolfgang ; Carlucci, Salvatore; Aas, Bjørn; Bruland, Amund (2016). A proposal of energy performance indicators for a reliable benchmark of swimming facilities. Energy and Buildings. Vol. 129.

Nordbo Olsen, Snorre; Kampel, Wolfgang ; Aas, Bjørn; Eikevik, Trygve Magne (2016). Modelling and Analysis of an Energy System for an Indoor Ice Rink. GL2016, . (Ed.). 12th IIR Gustav Lorentzen Conference on Natural Refrigerants GL2016 : Proceedings. International Institute of Refrigeration.

Kampel, Wolfgang ; Aas, Bjørn; Bruland, Amund (2014). Characteristics of energy-efficient swimming facilities - A case study. Energy. Vol. 75.

Kampel, Wolfgang ; Aas, Bjørn; Bruland, Amund (2013). Energy-use in Norwegian swimming halls. 6 p. Energy and Buildings. Vol. 59.

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