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Zacharias Andreadakis

Zacharias Andreadakis

Scientific publications

Srinivasan, Sabarathinam; Kumarasamy, Suresh; Andreadakis, Zacharias; Lind, Pedro (2023). Artificial Intelligence and Mathematical Models of Power Grids Driven by Renewable Energy Sources: A Survey. Energies .

Andreadakis, Zacharias (2023). Towards outstanding innovation: priorities of innovation within centres for research-based innovation in Norway. Nordic Journal of Studies in Educational Policy . Vol. 9.

Wierling, August Hubert; Schwanitz, Valeria Jana; Zeiss, Jan Pedro; von Beck, Constantin; Paudler, Heather Jean Arghandeh; Koren, Ingrid Knutsdotter; Kraudzun, Tobias; Marcroft, Timothy Peter; Müller, Lukas; Andreadakis, Zacharias; Candelise, Chiara; Dufner, Simon; Getabecha, Melake; Glaase, Grete; Hubert, Wit; Lupi, Veronica; Majidi, Sona; Mohammadi, Shirin; Safara Nosar, Negar; du Pont, Yann Robiou; Roots, Philippa; Rudek, Tadeusz Józef; Sciullo, Alessandro; Sehdev, Gayatri; Ziaabadi, Mehran; Zoubin, Nahid (2023). A Europe-wide inventory of citizen-led energy action with data from 29 countries and over 10000 initiatives. 8 p. Scientific Data . Vol. 10.

Damsa, Crina-Ioana; Andreadakis, Zacharias (2020). Exploring Students’ Ecologies of Digital Resources in Higher Education. Gresalfi, Melissa; Horn, I. (Ed.). The Interdisciplinarity of the Learning Sciences, 14th International Conference of the Learning Sciences (ICLS) 2020, Volume 2. Nashville, Tennessee: International Society of the Learning Sciences.. International Society of the Learning Sciences.

Damsa, Crina-Ioana; Richter, Christopher; Allert, Heidrun; Cerratto-Pargman, Teresa; Markauskaite, Lina; Arthars, Natasha; Andreadakis, Zacharias; Slotta, Jim; Spence, Natalie (2020). Learning in Unbounded Landscapes ̶ Conceptualizations and Design from an Ecological Perspective. Proceedings (International Conference of the Learning Sciences) . Vol. 1.

Andreadakis, Zacharias (2019). Public mission under scarcity: Behavioral insights into Greek higher education. Tertiary Education and Management .

Damsa, Crina I.; Nerland, Monika; Andreadakis, Zacharias (2019). An ecological perspective on learner‐constructed learning spaces. British Journal of Educational Technology (BJET) . Vol. 50.

Andreadakis, Zacharias (2018). A "die-Hard" institution: The organizational structure of the national and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Journal of Modern Greek Studies . Vol. 36.

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