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The Doctoral Degree Committee of the Faculty of Health Sciences

The committee provides advisory support to the leadership of the Faculty of Health Sciences and has been delegated decision-making authority in individual cases.

The committee meets approximately once a month. At least once a year, the committee must have a joint meeting with the R&D committee and the education committee at the faculty.

Meeting documents and the meeting schedule (

  • Functions of the committee

    The Doctoral Committee at the Faculty of Health Sciences (abbreviated as DGU-HV and hereinafter referred to as the committee) provides advisory support to the faculty leadership and has been delegated decision-making authority in specific cases.

    The committee is tasked with contributing to the development of the faculty's doctoral programs, ensuring the faculty has a comprehensive strategy for Ph.D. programs, and that the portfolio of doctoral programs and Ph.D. courses maintains a high quality that reflects the faculty's academic profile and uniqueness.

    The committee is responsible for developing Ph.D. programs in accordance with the accreditation requirements as set out in the University and Study Quality Regulations.

    The committee is empowered to make decisions on matters delegated by the dean and offer guidance to the faculty leadership on strategic issues related to doctoral education. It serves as a platform for discussing the faculty's doctoral programs, refining the faculty's Ph.D. programs based on experiences and results, and aligning them with recognized national and international standards.

    The committee is also authorized to initiate investigations in areas it deems necessary.

  • Tasks of the committee

    The committee has been delegated decision-making authority by the dean to:

    • Administer regulations, guidelines, and procedures for Ph.D. programs at the faculty
    • Make decisions and recommendations pertaining to Ph.D. programs at the faculty
    • Make decisions regarding individual Ph.D. candidates
    • Make decisions concerning applications for admission to the faculty's doctoral program based on a holistic assessment
    • Appoint evaluation committees
    • Approve new and revised program and course plans for the faculty's Ph.D. programs*
    • Review progress reports from candidates and supervisors and propose/determine actions

    *The committee is supplemented with three members from the Education Committee at the faculty (UU-HV).

    The committee is also responsible for:

    • Providing input and advice to the faculty leadership regarding reports on external evaluations of Ph.D. programs and explaining the follow-up of expert committee recommendations
    • Reviewing the entirety of program and course plans for Ph.D. programs on a predetermined cycle
    • Monitoring the ongoing quality assessment of Ph.D. programs
    • Processing annual reports from the faculty and institutes on education quality in collaboration with UU-HV

    The committee should provide input and advice to the dean on:

    • Measures and plans to ensure and further develop the quality of doctoral education in line with the faculty's strategy
    • Coordination of Ph.D. programs at the faculty
    • Consultation responses within the committee's area of responsibility
    • Establishment or discontinuation of Ph.D. programs in collaboration with UU-HV

    On behalf of the committee, the DGU leader can make decisions in the following routine matters:

    • Extensions
    • Accreditation/approval of external Ph.D. courses
    • Approval of changes in supervisory relationships
    • Application to take the doctoral examination
    • Appointment of assessment committees
    • Approval of the assessment committee's recommendation and comments on the recommendation, provided if it is positive
    • Make minor changes in program and course plans that are of a formal nature and (minor) changes that do not alter the plans' overall and/or fundamental content

    These matters are reported at the first regular meeting after the decision is made. Matters of a fundamental nature should still be presented to the committee. The same applies to matters that the DGU leader believes the committee should decide on or provide input on.

    At least once a year, DGU-HV should have a joint meeting with UU-HV and the Research and Development Committee at the faculty.

  • Mandate and composition

    The mandate and composition of the Doctoral Degree Committee (DGU) of the Faculty of Health Sciences (HV) were established by the dean on 30 August 2021.

    The mandate was discussed by the Doctoral Degree Committee of the faculty on 7. June 2021 and came into effect on 1 August 2021.

    The Committee as a resource should possess the necessary expertise in doctoral education.

    The Doctoral Committee should have the following composition: 

    • Vice Dean for Innovation and Interdisciplinary Study Programs (Chair)
    • Program leaders for the Ph.D. programs
    • 2 representatives of academic staff with doctoral competence and Ph.D. level supervisory experience
    • 2 Ph.D. candidates, one from each of the faculty's Ph.D. programs
    • One external representative with doctoral competence
    • One academic representative from a Ph.D. program at one of the other faculties

    The committee as a whole should:

    • Represent different research fields
    • Have experience in internal/external research committees
    • Have experience in research management
    • Have supervisory experience

    All members of DGU-HV should have personal substitutes. The DGU committee selects a vice-chair who serves as the committee's deputy chair.

  • Appointment and election of representatives

    • The dean appoints the external representative (the vice-dean for Innovation proposes)
    • The dean appoints academic staff representatives (the vice-dean for Innovation and head of departments propose)
    • The dean appoints Ph.D. candidates for two years at a time (with the vice dean for innovation and the Ph.D. candidate forum making recommendations)

    Academic staff representatives and external representatives can be appointed for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

  • Term and meeting implementation

    The committee's term runs  from 1. August 2021, to 31. July 31 2025. Except for Ph.D. candidate representatives, committee members are appointed for the same period. If members resign during this period, the dean shall replace them in accordance with the committee's composition.

    The Doctoral Committee holds regular meetings, approximately once a month.

    Regarding voting, the following applies: In cases where the committee has decision-making authority delegated by the dean, each member has one - 1 - vote. In the event of a tie, the committee chair has a casting vote.

    The secretarial function is handled by the R&D section at the faculty.

PhD programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences

Deadline for submitting cases and applications

Cases for the Doctoral Admissions Committee, as well as complete applications for admission to the Ph.D. program, must be received no later than 3 weeks before the meeting is scheduled. Applicants with foreign education should expect additional processing time. For cases submitted around holiday periods (summer, Christmas, and Easter), extra processing time should be anticipated.

Cases should preferably be submitted electronically to

Contact the doctoral degree committee

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