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This PhD programme has an interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary profile whereby health researchers cooperate on developing integrated knowledge-based health care services. As a PhD candidate in Health Sciences, you conduct independent research leading to a scientific dissertation of high international standard.

  • Application Procedures and Admission Requirements

    Admission to this PhD programme is continuous. To apply you need a five-year master's degree or equivalent.

    General information about admission (

    Detailed information about admission at the Faculty of Health Sciences (

  • About the Programme

    Key elements in this programme are interventions in health promotion, preventive health care, treatment, rehabilitation, and care. Health is a complex and comprehensive phenomenon that involves interaction between physical, psychological, and social dimensions. Although the respective professions and disciplines place different emphasis on dimensions of health, they share a common understanding of the goal to promote health and quality of life.

    In the training component of the programme, you learn about research and work methods that can contribute towards knowledge-based assessment and intervention in the health care services at individual and systemic levels.

    The training component consists of 30 ECTS credits and supports you in the work on your thesis. It will enhance the depth and breadth of your professional knowledge so that you develop an independent and reflective approach to both your own research and to that of others, as well as to the role of research in a broader context.

  • Programme Description

    For more information about this PhD programme, take a look at the programme description (

  • Single courses

    Health Sciences I (PHVIT 9000)

    This course is mandatory in the PhD programme in Health Sciences

    • Course coordinator: Ellen Karine Grov
    • Course plan 2021: Week 3
    • Application deadline: 1 December 2020

    Health Sciences II (PHVIT 9100)

    This course is mandatory in the PhD programme in Health Sciences

    • Course coordinator: Astrid Bergland
    • Course plan 2021: Weeks 7 and 10
    • Application deadline: 15 December 2020

    Qualitative methods (PHVIT 9200)

    • Course coordinator: Anne Langaas
    • Course plan 2020: Week 41
    • Application deadline: 6 August 2020

    Quantitative methods (PHVIT 9300)

    • Course coordinator: Milada Småstuen
    • Course plan 2021: Weeks 16 and 18 (preparatory course two days in week 14, non-compulsory)
    • Application deadline: 19 March 2021

    Concept and Theory Development in Health Sciences (PHVIT 9510)

    • Course coordinator: Vibeke Lohne
    • Course plan 2020: Week 47
    • Application deadline: 18 September 2020

    Intervention Design in Health Sciences (PHVIT 9520)

    • Course coordinator: Birgitta Langhammer
    • Course plan 2021: Week 23
    • Application deadline: 7 April 2021

    Assessment and Methods of Measurement (PHVIT 9530)

    • Course coordinator: Cecilie J. Landmark
    • Course plan 2020: Week 45
    • Application deadline: 3 September 2020

     Participation and Cooperation (PHVIT 9540)

    • Course coordinator: Per Koren Solvang
    • Course plan 2020: Week 49
    • Application deadline: 1 October 2020

    Systematic Reviews and Metaanalyses (PHVIT 9550)

    • Course coordinator: Hilde Tinderholt Myrhaug
    • Course plan 2020: 31 August, 4 September, 12 and 16 October and 9 November
    • Application deadline: 3 August 2020

    Bioinformatics with emphasis on analysis of high throughput sequencing data (PHVIT 9560)

    • Course coordinator: Rune Andreassen
    • Course plan 2020: cancelled autumn 2020 

    Needs Led Research (PHVIT9570)

    • Course coordinator: Ida Svege
    • Course plan 2020-2021: Cancelled spring 2021
    • Application deadline: 13 February 2021

    Theories and Models for Midwifery (PHVIT9580)

    • Course coordinators: Ellen Blix and Tine Schauer Eri
    • Course plan 2021: Week 11, 15 -19 March  

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  • Career

    With a PhD in Health Sciences, you will be qualified for conducting research, teaching and other positions with high demands for scientific insight and production of new knowledge.

    Research training in health sciences offers opportunities to apply for academic positions at universities, university colleges, health trusts, and research institutes as well as for positions in other areas in the public and private sectors with a need for competence in the health sciences.

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