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Single PhD-courses in Health Sciences

PhD course

Both internal and external students can apply for single subjects. Here is the overview.

  • How to apply

    The application process is different for internal and external applicants.

    Internal applicants

    If you are already admitted to one of the faculty's doctoral programmes (Behaviour Analysis or Health Sciences), choose courses and register your participation through the Studentweb.

    External applicants

    If you are admitted to a PhD programme at another institution or have completed your master's degree, this is the application process for external applicants.

  • Single courses spring 2023

    PHVIT9000 Health sciences I: Health and illness

    • Subject coordinator: Ellen Karine Grov
    • Time: Week 3

    PHVIT9100 Health sciences II: Philosophy of science, research ethics and research methodology

    • Subject coordinator: Elisabeth Krefting Bjelland
    • Time: Week 7 og 10

    PHVIT9300 Quantitative methods

    • Subject coordinator: Milada Cvancarova Småstuen
    • Time: Week 16 and 18 (17-21st of April and 2-5th of May)

    PHVIT9550 Systematic reviews and metaanalyses

    • Subject coordinator: Hilde Tinderholt Myrhaug
    • Time: 7th and 9th of February, 14th and 16th of March, 11th and 13th of April

    PHVIT9570 Needs led research

    • Subject coordinator: Ida Svege
    • Time: 23-24th of January, 13-14th of February and 28th of February

    PHVIT9580 Theories and models for midwifery care

    • Subject coordinator: Ellen Blix
    • Time: 6-8th of March, 27-28th of March

    PHVIT9520 Intervention design in health sciences

    • Subject coordinator: Vibeke Telle-Hansen
    • Time: Week 21

    Changes may occur, please check the time schedule.

  • Single courses autumn 2023

    PHVIT9510 Concept and Theory Development in Health Sciences

    • Subject coordinator: Vibeke Lohne
    • Time: Week 47 and 48 (21-24. and 27. of November)

    PHVIT9200 Qualitative Methods

    • Subject coordinator: Anne Langaas
    • Time: Week 41

    PHVIT9540 Participation and Cooperation

    • Subject coordinator: Per Koren Solvang
    • Time: Week 48

    PHVIT9560 Bioinformatics with emphasis on analysis of high throughput sequencing data

    • Subject coordinator: Rune Andreassen
    • Time: Week 44 og week 45

    Changes may occur. Check the time schedule.

  • Time schedule

    Use the course code to search for the subjects time schedule ( 

    Time schedule for the autumn semester is published by June. Time schedule for the spring semester is published by December.

  • Course content overview

    Please click into this overview to read about the course content.

  • Costs

    There are no tuition fees for the courses.


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