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Network for Educational Research

This network is a platform for further developing educational research at the Faculty of Health Sciences, in collaboration with other stakeholders in education and healthcare.

Educational research is an activity that intersects with the organization and requires collaboration between academic units and administration.

Key focus areas for the network include the use of digital technology in health education and the further development of the Learning Library (Læringsbiblioteket), a database of summarized research on how various forms of digitization in education contribute to student learning.

The network will initiate research related to digital competence and its implications for health education.

This is an area of expertise that requires collaboration with healthcare services and will involve undergraduate, postgraduate, and continuing education.

The network will closely collaborate with OsloMetSim, a simulation arena where various groups come together for shared academic development, research, and innovation.

  • More about the network

    The research will be built upon international developments in education and health.

    It is a stated goal of the network to increase the success rate of applications for external research funding in the field of educational research.

    To achieve this, we aim to create a platform for educational researchers to collaborate across study programmes and units, in close interaction with educational leaders, study administration, and research administration.

    We will also seek to leverage the expertise of other institutional competence environments in educational research.

    Furthermore, we will establish educational research collaborations with healthcare services, with a primary focus on primary healthcare.


    The Network for Educational Research is a continuation of the Programme for Research on Digitization and Learning (2017-2020).

    The Faculty of Health Sciences has several academic communities that research the pedagogical use of digital technology in health education.

    In recent years, the faculty has achieved success in response to calls from the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Skills Development (HK-dir) and has distinguished itself in terms of a scholarly approach to enhancing educational quality, with two distinguished educators.

  • Ambition

    The ambition of the educational research network is to establish a leading international research environment in health education that addresses the future competency needs in healthcare services and society, while also contributing to service innovation.

  • Collaboration

    Researchers within the network have established collaborations with institutional competence environments such as the Centre for the Study of Professions (SPS) and DIGIN (, as well as with other national and international educational researchers.

    In the future, the network will work on strengthening these collaborations, both with respect to national and international educational researchers.

  • Work environments and projects

    The Faculty of Health Sciences currently has several PhD candidates and postdoctoral researchers conducting research in the field of education.

    Additionally, there are several ongoing projects funded by the Norwegian Directorate for Higher Education and Competence Development (HK-dir) on topics such as flexible educational offerings, increased student mobility, and quality in practical studies.

    Most of these projects take a scientific approach and involve follow-up research.

    Projects: Using the tool Concept Cartoons in the anatomy, physiology, and biochemistry course.


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