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Research projects

Here is a preliminary list of professional environments and projects that are connected to the initiative Intelligent Health.

  • Centre for Intelligent Musculoskeletal Health (CIM)

    This Centre of Research Excellence aims to establish an inter-disciplinary and user-oriented centre for innovative and effective Artificial Intelligent-based interventions for musculoskeletal disorders.

  • NordSTAR

    Nordic Centre for Sustainable and Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence Research (NordSTAR) is a Centre of Research Excellence in modern AI. The centre aims to establish a new paradigm in AI basic research, so-called sustainable and trustworthy AI.

  • AI-Mind

    The goal of the research is to reduce the burden of dementia by developing novel, AI-based tools to support healthcare professionals in their diagnosis and offering timely interventions to patients.

  • Smart Development of nano-antibiotics

    The project seeks to develop drug formulations of novel antimicrobials, so-called bacteriocins, by applying nanotechnology and artificial intelligence.

About Intelligent Health

  • Intelligent Health

    This initiative will contribute to develop knowledge and technological solutions that foster improved health and counteract diseases.

Published: 27/06/2023 | OsloMet