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About the Knowledge Centre for Vocational Education and Training

The aim of the centre is to spread knowledge about technical and vocational education and training in Norway and the Nordic region.

The centre is a joint project for the entire Department of Vocational Teacher Education at Oslo Metropolitan University. From January 2024, the work in the centre will be led by a coordinator.

Current specialist expertise is involved in the activities at the centre as needed. 

Purpose and vision 

The centre's function is to gather and disseminate knowledge about professional and vocational training via various channels such as the website, webinars and newsletters. 

Our target groups are

Contract work and further education 

Professionally strong, committed and dedicated employees are important for ensuring high quality in professional and vocational training. Through our continuing and further education, your organization gets up-to-date and research-based competence. 

Read more about continuing and further education for vocational teachers (in Norwegian).


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