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Interpreting, Language and Communication

We study multilingual communication, interpreting and translation between different spoken, written and signed languages. The research group unites perspectives from both signed and spoken languages.

The research group belongs to the Faculty of Education and International Studies, and draws benefits from bringing together researchers working with interpreting and communication within  both signed and spoken language. 

Our research interests include communicative practices in different languages and contexts, communication across language barriers, such as in encounters between public professionals and speakers of minority languages, and education and professionalization in translation and interpreting. 

Heads of research group

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  • Members

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  • Projects

    • Intercultural encounters in academia and work places in South Caucasus and Norway, EURASIA.
    • Intercultural communication in academic settings in South Caucasus Countries and Norway, EURASIA.
    • The role of sign language and spoken language interpreting in public sector in Russia and Norway, UTFORSK.
    • COIL in Deaf Studies and Sign Language
  • PhD projects

    • Interpreting depiction - a cognitive-functional approach.
    • Exploring Sight Translation from a Multimodal (Inter) actionist perspective.
    • Other-initiated repair in Norwegian Sign Language conversation.
    • Interpreter-mediated communication and language discordance in the education of public sector professionals.