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Social Work and Public Health (SAFE)

The SAFE research environment main goal is to examine the association between life events, social inequality, living conditions and health, and the link between social work and public health.

Social Work and Public Health (SAFE) includes research on the entire lifecycle from childhood to old age in different groups and populations. The aim is to identify mechanisms, risk factors and life events that are important for individuals’ and groups’ mental- and somatic health.

The different research projects included in SAFE will be practice-oriented and practice relevant, with links between research, education and practice. They will contribute with empirical studies, critical knowledge production as well as development of theory.

The SAFE members are researchers from OsloMet and collaborating institutions, as well as representatives from the practice field. SAFE consists of thematic subgroups and projects, such as elderly and aging, mental health, user participation, social inequality among children and adolescents, psychosomatics and bodily symptoms and health problems. The different research project are using diverse theoretical perspectives and research methods. SAFE will initiate externally funded projects.

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    The knowledge gained from SAFE has relevance according to expanded knowledge due to associations between implications of life events, social inequality and living conditions on health conditions. This knowledge will be of relevance in both social work and nursing. The SAFE research will contribute to increased knowledge, both in teaching and for researchers in the Field.