Outside the auditorium – characteristics of informal learning situations among nursing students in bioscience

This study specifically aims at mapping the students' use of digital learning methods, with emphasis on what happens outside the auditorium in student-driven activity.

The project is a qualitative threefold study:

Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry is essential for the understanding of human beings and for full appreciation of the concepts of illness and disease.

The current status would seem to be that the required competencies within bioscience subjects are difficult to acquire, and students have high rates of failure. The starting point of this project was a literature review.

Today's focus on digital learning can be seen as a source of knowledge in line with more traditional knowledge. What happens in student-driven activity outside the auditorium? What tools do the students use?

Do they use resources from OsloMet's digital publishing company, OsloMetX or from “SykepleiePluss"? How do they share informal knowledge amongst themselves and how do they cooperate?

Digital knowledge sources are becoming progressively integral to learning, supplementing formal educational resources.

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