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Child Protection and Pluralism

The aim of the project is to evaluate the effects of a communication campaign about Norwegian child protection services.

The campaign is aimed at Somali, Polish and English language groups in Åsane city district in Bergen, Grünerløkka city district in Oslo and the municipality of Ålesund. The background of the project is how the public discourse revolving child protection, in both traditional and new social media nationally and globally, have come to shape opinions of trust in child protection services. A lot of the discussion, and especially in social media, is sought to be based upon false information, and that a communication campaign can remedy such a problem.

The project will study the effects of the campaign primarily by way of focus groups and survey data. Focus groups will be arranged according to language-groups, and with approximately 6 respondents. The aim of each focus group is to provide in-depth evaluation of the quality and aim of the campaign. The survey data is collected before and after the campaign, and within the geographic areas of the campaign. The aim is to measure change in how people view and trust the child protection services.

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    • Publications

      Falch-Eriksen, A. & Dæhlen, M. (2019). Barnevern i møte med mangfold. Evaluering av en kommunikasjonskampanje. Kort oppsummert nr. 2, 2019.