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How has the pandemic influenced lives of children and youth with disabilities?

Are you between 13 and 25 years old and identify with having one or more disabilities? Would you like to participate in a research project concerning what happened during the pandemic lockdown, and how your life is now?

What is the research focus?

We want to investigate how the pandemic lockdown has affected children and Youth with disabilities in Norway. Our research is part of a large project funded by the Directorate of Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir). Among others we are especially interested in youth with disabilities. It is important for us to get in touch with a variety of children and young people with different disabilities. We would like to ask 

Who are the researchers?

Norwegian Social Research Institute (NOVA) at Oslo Metropolitan University is responsible for the research. The researchers Dagmara Bossy and Kaja Larsen Østerud will conduct the interviews. We have both background with working with young people with disabilities. 

Read more about the project: Consequences of the Pandemic for Living Conditions and Equality.

Who may take part in the research project?

Children and young people with disabilities in between 13 and 25 years of age can participate in our project. You may have a mobility impairment, or a developmental disability, our definition of disability is wide: If there is some kind of a chronic challenge that cause the need for assistance in order to function in the social environment, be it as it may a disability that is visible or invisible, physical or psychological. 

How will the interview be conducted?

We are going to conduct two interviews, one will take place during the fall of 2022, and the second interview will find place within one year after the first one. Both interviews will have similar focus, with the purpose to investigate if the experience of the services young people receive, as well as participation in school or leisure activities has changed over time. 

The interview will be located somewhere that is comfortable to you. We can meet in person or talk over zoom or Teams. You may bring someone who you are close with to the interview if you’d like that. It will last no longer than an hour (approximately 45 mins.).

You will receive 300 kroner for your participation.

We have outlined an information letter where you can see more information about your participation in the research project, and your legal rights.

We hope to hear from you.


Our wish is to come in touch with a varied group of participants, so that we may get a good picture of how the rights for young people with disabilities were safeguarded during and after the pandemic.

Your participation is crucial!

If you are interested, you may write to us or tell your parents to contact us:

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