Development of a less polluting, automated façade system connected to the building management system

An innovative project offering a CO2-reducing, remote façade maintenance system that will contribute to green change both nationally and internationally.

A sustainable façade is not just a buzzword, but a solution needed in the construction sector, as today's European buildings use around 40 per cent of energy and emit 36 per cent of CO2.

Called ConTech, the period of integration, new systems and sustainability in the construction products market has enormous potential as it gradually moves to more sustainable and advanced digital solutions.

The project's goal is the development of a new product which reduces CO2 emissions and the operational costs of buildings by empowering IoT systems therein. To create a minimally polluting, automated façade system integrated into a building’s management system.

Specific objectives

Work Package 1

Analysis and correlation of sensor data with the technical properties of the facade element and their limit values:

List of sensors are to be defined during the research according the collected data quality.

Work Package 2

Feasibility study of the information collected by sensors. The goal is to identify additional application of information collected by sensors.

Work Package 3

Development and description of the digital twin concept. The scope of the work includes experimental 3D scanning and real-time data display of building.

  • Participants at OsloMet

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  • Project partners

    • Staticus UAB
    • Sintef
    • Kaunas University of Technology (KTU)