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Health-promoting initiatives towards youths’ mental health

Mental health challenges are increasing among the young population. How can different sectors work together to prevent mental health challenges among young people?

The Ungdata survey shows that an increasing proportion of young people report mental health challenges, which in recent years also has gotten more attention in the public debate. Health-promoting and preventive work can be one of several tools in addressing this challenge. 

Through various health plans and strategies, the health sector and the public sector have been given greater responsibility for health promotion and preventive work, which necessitates interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaboration. 

To develop effective measures, it is necessary to understand both what young people perceive as health-promoting and how professionals working with young people organize their interventions and services.

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  • More about the project

    The project is divided into two sub-studies. The sub-studies together aim to generate new knowledge about health-promoting and preventive efforts towards youth’s mental health.

    • Sub-study 1: Explore what aspects young people perceive as positive in their daily lives to develop good mental health, and to examine how this can influence health-promoting and preventive work.
    • Sub-study 2: Explore how professionals organize and work on health-promoting and preventive measures towards youth’s mental health.