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Minority Students in Upper Secondary School

This project is about school satisfaction, educational drive and school performance among students with immigrant background in Norwegian upper secondary school.

The percentage of students with such a background has more than doubled in less than twenty years – from 6 per cent in 2001 to 14 percent in 2017. Since education is a crucial element in the integration of immigrants and their children, it is important to gain more knowledge about the educational achievement of the young.

How well do they do in school and are there systematic differences between youth in families that come from different countries?

In this report, we study youth with a background from the 20 countries with the largest immigration to Norway in upper secondary education. One of the findings is that there are quite large differences between the grades students from different countries achieve. The aim of the report is to acquire more knowledge about why these differences are so large.

The analyses are based on a cross-national survey scheme (read more about the Ungdata survey ( conducted in upper secondary schools in 2015–2017. The data consists of self-reported information from approximately 68,000 students in about 250 upper secondary schools across Norway.