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Qualify Unification in Europe for Shifting Trust. A Comparative Research on Muslims Responses to the Politics of Threat in France, UK, Spain, and Norway (QUEST)

What does it mean to ‘be Muslim’ in a polarized Europe?

This project explores the emerging politics of threat in relation to the presence of Muslims in European public spheres.

The researchers aim to (a) consider common discourses of threat accompanying the growing presence of Muslims in four European societies, (b) to move beyond such ‘problem oriented’ approaches by examining the shifting identities and representations of Muslims and (c) seek to transfer innovative practices of engagement and dialogue across the different European contexts.

The project will explore identities and representations of Muslims in urban settings through literature studies, ethnographic fieldwork and interviews. The study will provide new comparative knowledge on everyday life among Muslims in Europe.

  • Participants

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  • Partners

    • Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales, France (Project coordinator)
    • University Complutense Of Madrid, Spain
    • University of Warwick, UK