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Work in Progress

Work in Progress aims to promote successful social and professional trajectories among youngsters leaving institutional care.

To achieve this goal, Work in Progress will develop manuals and tools to promote: participatory and democratic processes among ex-sheltered youngsters and professionals/caregivers; life and career management for youngsters including NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training); support to young people in the process of transition from care to autonomy. Young Experts, an informal group of ex-sheltered youngsters will collaborate, test and evaluate the manuals and tools. ADPES will develop the tools with the feedback of all partners, including OsloMet. 

  • Projects partners

    In addition to AFI at OsloMet:

    APDES, GAIURB – Urbanismo e Habitacao, EM (Escola Oficina), Escolas das Virtudes and Young Experts.

  • Participants at OsloMet

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