Norwegian version
Adolescent boy and girl walking in Oslo. Snow on the ground and winter jackets on. Photo: S.B. Vold / Ungdata

Young in Oslo 2021

Young in Oslo is a unique study that has been conducted since the mid-1990s. The new survey in 2021 will provide answers to what it is like for adolescents to grow up in Oslo – and how young people's everyday life has changed over time.

The goal is to update our knowledge about how young people feel and what they do in their free time. The survey will provide important knowledge at a time when the Covid-19-pandemic creates uncertainty for many young people. The survey is commissioned by the Municipality of Oslo.

Approximately 60 000 students aged 10–19 years will be invited to participate in this web-based survey conducted during a lesson at school. Participants will be asked about friendship, parents, school, local environment, leisure activities, media use, bullying, health, well-being and quality of life – and how their lives have been affected by the corona pandemic. The students' gender, grade level and parents' education and immigrant background are also mapped.

Primary school students receive a shorter, age-appropriate questionnaire. Students in secondary school are also asked about violence and sexual harassment, about breaking the rules and drug use and about sexuality. The survey is anonymous at the primary level and at the lower secondary level. 

Young in Oslo is one of the largest children and youth survey ever conducted in Norway. The first results will be published during summer 2021.