Sustainability – Urban and natural places as your classroom

Students sitting in a park

In this interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree course , you will gain insights into useful pedagogical methods and crucial dilemmas connected to sustainability education. 

The course brings together Norwegian and international students preparing for work in kindergartens or schools. You will learn how to explore urban and natural surroundings through place-based, inquiry-based approaches and become acquainted with a wide range of teaching methods that involve play, aesthetics, literature, and the body. 

We hope that the students come to the course with a curiosity and willingness to learn from each other – Katarina Pajchel and Kari Anne Jørgensen

The course will also provide knowledge about climate, ecology and technology systems, pedagogical and critical thinking, and the socio-political dimension of sustainability including justice.

Oslo is Norway’s capital and biggest city. Forests, mountains, lakes, and the Oslo Fjord are just a short walk, subway, or bus ride away. The course will actively relate to the Oslo area, and outdoor teaching will be an important part of the course. 

The students will experience and discuss challenges in teaching sustainability through place in a Nordic setting, but we also invite and embrace international perspectives, as sustainability issues cross all boundaries.

One of the greater teaching challenges today is related to sustainability issues and how to generate children’s hope, solidarity, and agency. By developing this course, we seek to help teacher students face this challenge. – the group of OsloMet teacher educators who have developed the course

The course aims to develop and expand on the student group’s previous experiences and knowledge so that we can see the various challenges we have in common and learn from them. 

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