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Problems with EndNote – tips and solutions

Is EndNote not working quite as it should? Here are some suggestions on how you can solve common errors and problems in EndNote.

If you can't find help here, or on our EndNote pages, contact the University Library. You can also see if you can find what you need on Alfasoft's help page ( Alfasoft is the Norwegian supplier of EndNote.

  • Why does the EndNote installation stop?

    The reason the installation stops is usually that some of the Office programs (Word, PowerPoint, Outlook or similar) are open. Close these and try again. 

    Note: If you have a Mac, remember that it is not enough to close the window to end the program. Either right-click + Control on the app symbol at the bottom of the screen, or stand in the program and press Command + Q.

  • Where is the EndNote toolbar in Word?

    For various reasons the EndNote toolbar can disappear from Word. Often it is because Word and other Office programs have not been completely closed during the installation of EndNote. To get the toolbar in Word, try this (on PC):

    1. Ensure that all Office programs are closed (Word, Outlook, Excel or similar).
    2. Go to the search box at the bottom right and search for Apps & Features.
    3. Search for EndNote and then click on Modify.
    4. Then choose Modify in the next window and go through the steps.

    If this does not work, try to reinstall the EndNote program. Your EndNote library is retained on your machine when you do this, but take a backup to be on the safe side.

  • How to back up your EndNote library

    Go to EndNote and select File then Compress Library. 

    Here you can either send a backup by email yourself or save it as a file on your computer. If you choose the latter, we recommend that you move this file to cloud storage, so you are secured in case you lose or damage your machine.

  • The toolbar in Word lacks some choices

    If you are using the desktop version of EndNote, it should say Go to EndNote on the EndNote button in the toolbar. If it says Go to EndNote Online, it is set to retrieve references from EndNote Online rather than the EndNote library on your PC or Mac. 

    Follow these steps to change this:

    1. Select the EndNote tab in Word.
    2. Choose Preferences.
    3. Under Application, select EndNote.
  • Problems with retrieving references in Word

    Can't find a reference that you know you have in your EndNote library? EndNote in Word is most likely set to retrieve references from EndNote Online and not the EndNote library on your PC/Mac. 

    You can change this as follows:

    1. Select the EndNote tab in Word.
    2. Then Preferences.
    3. Under Application, select EndNote.
  • You are told that your EndNote library is damaged

  • Initials or first names appear in author names in the citation in the text

    When using APA, usually only the last name should appear in the citation in the text, like this:

    (Nortvedt, 2021). 

    Sometimes initials or first names appear in the citation, like this: 

    (P. Nortvedt, 2021) 

    (Per Nortvedt, 2021) 

    This is correct if you are referring to two different authors with the same last name in the same text. But if this happens with references written by the same author, you need to fix the registration of the author's name in EndNote. 

    Author name should be registered identically in EndNote, for example: Nortvedt, Per (not: Nortvedt, Per on one reference and Nortvedt, P on another reference). Choose one and be consistent in the registration.  

  • The bibliography/reference list doubles when citing

    If the bibliography doubles itself when you insert references in Word, you can create a backup using special key combinations. Here's how you do it:

    1. Copy the text (just the text, not the bibliography).
    2. In the Word document, click on EndNote in the top tab. Choose Convert Citations and Bibliography, then Convert to Unformatted Citations.
    3. Press Ctrl + A. Shows all codes.
    4. Press Ctrl + 6. This removes all other codes.
    5. Press Ctrl + C. This copies everything you have on the screen.
    6. Open a blank, new Word document. Press CTRL + V to paste the text.

    You now have an unformatted text (text without references). Click Update Citations and Bibliography. Now the curly braces will disappear, and the references will reappear.