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How to use Oria

How to search in Oria

  • Printed books

    Search by author or title

    • Enter the author's last name and a few words from the book's title in the search field ( Oria is not as good at guessing as Google is, so try different wordings.
    • Select the book you are interested in.
    • Click on the book you are interested in (also applies to journals).
    • Check the book's shelf location and press "Locate" to see which shelf the book is on.
    • Is the book checked out to someone else? Click the "Request" button to put yourself on the waiting list.
  • E-books

    Search by author or title

    Problems opening the e-book?
    • Some e-books can only be read by a limited number of people at a time. If you are notified that the book is in use, you can try again later.
    • If you are outside OsloMet's network, we recommend that you connect to the university's network via VPN. Information on how to connect to VPN (
  • Articles

    Search for an article

    • Search for the article's title in Oria's search field (
    • Click on "Last ned artikkel" to open it in pdf format or click on "Available online" to get more information about the article.
    • Can't find the article you are looking for? Check "Include material your institution does not have access to". Here you will get access to articles in journals the library does not have access to. Find the article you want, click "Order document" and then we will order it for you.
    • Note that articles found only in printed journals are not searchable. Search for the journal title and find the shelf location.
  • Search tips

    You can get a lot of hits in Oria. When you do, it might be a good idea to narrow your search.

    • Result list

      • When you search in Oria, you do not search in the full text of the documents. You get results if your search matches words in for example the title, author, summary or keywords associated with the document.
      • If you get few or no results, you can try the full text search. You turn this on by activating "Search in full text" in the menu on the right side of your screen.
      • Note that you do not search the full text of everything in Oria, and that you may find the result list a little more imprecise.
    • Search by topic

      • If you are looking for literature on a particular topic, you can search by topic.
      • Select "Advanced Search" to the right of the search field.
      • Select "Subject" from the drop-down menu under "Search Filters".
    • Choose physical books in one of our libraries

      • You can choose to limit results to only books that are in a specific library, such as Kjeller or P48.
      • Check the desired library on the right side of the result list under "Department".
    • Material type: Book, book chapter, article, or dissertation?

      • When you search in Oria, you will find different documents. Above each title in your result list, it will show what type of material it is, whether it is a book, an article, or a book chapter.
      • If you know that it is a book you are looking for, you can narrow your search to show only books in the field on the right, under "Resource type".
      • Book chapters can be difficult to find on the shelf. You must find the title of the book. Under the title of the chapter it will show "The document is part of a related title", and here you will find the book title.
    • Year of publication

      • You can narrow your search by year of publication. If you are looking for something that has been written in the last ten years, it is not necessary to search from 1910.
      • Refine the search on the right side of the result list under "Publication / Creation Date".
    • Language

      • On the right side of the result list you can refine the search by language. If you are looking for books in Norwegian, this can make the result list clearer.
      • Refine your search by selecting the language on the right side of the result list.
  • Dictionaries and encyclopedias

    Through Oria you have access to a whole range of dictionaries and encyclopedias. You will find Ordnett and Oxford English Dictionary, among others. 

    List of dictionaries and encyclopedias ( If you are looking for a specific dictionary or encyclopedia, you can search directly in the search field in Oria. 

  • Databases and journals



  • Student theses

    In Oria ( you will find passed master's theses and a selection of up to five bachelor’s theses per year produced at OsloMet. These can also be found in OsloMet's institutional repository ODA - Open Digital Archive (

  • Help with accessing e-resources

    Can't access the material you are looking for? Help accessing e-resources. Here you will find frequently asked questions about access to electronic resources such as articles, e-books, curriculum and databases.