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Ingrid-Jannicke Aandahl

Ingrid-Jannicke Aandahl

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radiography, clinical medical subjects, radiation protection, disaster management, trauma radiography, public health, internationalization, science theory, course planning, guidance in practice, , skill training, examiner, ,Optimax tutor

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McDermott, Eilish; Dutruit, Y.; Jeanneret-Grosjean, C; Koen, K; McPhilomy, C; Snelders, Frauke; Stensrud, Kristin; Tcacenco, A; Aandahl, Ingrid-Jannicke (2019). The impact of operator training on the accuracy of DXA lumbar spine analysis. Meijer, Annemiek; Buissink, Carst; Hogg, Peter (Red.). OPTIMAX 2018 A focus on Education in Radiology. s. 143-153. University of Salford.

Ryste Hauge, Ingrid Helen; Aandahl, Ingrid-Jannicke ; Baranzelli, J.P.; Coelho, P.M.; Eriksen, Linn Marie Kongsrud; Hadebe, N.S.; Kahl, G.G.; van Schagen, S.J.; O`Connor, Michelle (2018). Radiography:Impact of lower tube voltages on image quality and radiation dose in chest phantom radiography for averaged sized and larger patients. Meijer, Annemiek; Buissink, Carst; Hogg, Peter (Red.). OPTIMAX 2017 - Radiation dose, image quality optimisation, the use of new technology in medical. s. 47-62. University of Salford.

Nijholt, W.; Aandahl, Ingrid Jannicke ; Adajar, G.; Borgen, Morten Højsgård; Carreiras, I.; Rab, A.; Totland, Heidi; Warmerdam, N.C.; van der Wal, S.C.M.; Crofts, G. (2017). Ultrasound assessment of muscle thickness and muscle crosssectional area: a reliability study. Hogg, Peter; Hogg-Thompson, Robert; Buissink, Carst (Red.). OPTIMAX 2016 Optimising image quality for medical imaging. s. 71-82. University of Salford.

Nijholt, Willemke; Bakker, Astrid; Bennett, Alicia; Borgen, Morten Højsgård; Ellermann, Anne; Hogg, Peter; Gamboa, Patrícia; Thorskog, Martine; Vorster, Liesl; Aandahl, Ingrid-Jannicke (2016). An analysis of the validity and reliability of handheld ultrasound device for measuring rectus femoris muscle size. Hogg, Peter; Blakeley, Christine; Buissink, Carst (Red.). OPTIMAX 2015 : Multicultural team-based research in radiography, a holistic educational approach.. s. 75-85. University of Salford.

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