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Nardos Tesfaye Woldemariam

Nardos Tesfaye Woldemariam

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Chakraborty, Setu; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Visnovska, Martina; Rise, Matthew L.; Boyce, Danny; Santander, Javier; Andreassen, Rune (2022). Characterization of miRNAs in Embryonic, Larval, and Adult Lumpfish Provides a Reference miRNAome for Cyclopterus lumpus. 19 s. Biology (Basel). Vol. 11.

Smith, Nicole; Umasuthan, Navaneethaiyer; Kumar, Surendra; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Andreassen, Rune ; Christian, Sherri; Rise, Matthew L. (2021). Transcriptome Profiling of Atlantic Salmon Adherent Head Kidney Leukocytes Reveals That Macrophages Are Selectively Enriched During Culture. Frontiers in Immunology. Vol. 12.

Østbye, Tone-Kari K; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Lundberg, Camilla Elise; Berge, Gerd Marit; Ruyter, Bente; Andreassen, Rune (2021). Modulation of hepatic miRNA expression in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) by family background and dietary fatty acid composition. Journal of Fish Biology.

Smith, Nicole; wajnberg, gabriel; Chacko, Simi; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; LaCroix, Jacynthe; Crapoulet, Nicolas; Ayre, D. Craig; Lewis, Stephen M.; Rise, Matthew L.; Andreassen, Rune ; Christian, Sherri (2020). Characterization of miRNAs in Extracellular Vesicles Released From Atlantic Salmon Monocyte-Like and Macrophage-Like Cells. Frontiers in Immunology. Vol. 11.

Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Agafonov, Oleg; Sindre, Hilde; Høyheim, Bjørn; Houston, Ross D.; Robledo, Diego; Bron, James E.; Andreassen, Rune (2020). miRNAs Predicted to Regulate Host Anti-viral Gene Pathways in IPNV-Challenged Atlantic Salmon Fry Are Affected by Viral Load, and Associated With the Major IPN Resistance QTL Genotypes in Late Infection. 17 s. Frontiers in Immunology. Vol. 11.

Smith, Nicole; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Rise, Matthew L.; Andreassen, Rune ; Christian, Sherri; Clow, Kathy (2020). Characterization of miRNAs in Cultured Atlantic Salmon Head Kidney Monocyte-Like and Macrophage-Like Cells. 22 s. International Journal of Molecular Sciences. Vol. 21.

Xue, Xi; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Caballero-Solares, Albert; Umasuthan, Navaneethaiyer; D. Fast, Mark; G. Taylor, Richard; Rise, Matthew L.; Andreassen, Rune (2019). Dietary Immunostimulant CpG Modulates MicroRNA Biomarkers Associated with Immune Responses in Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar). 23 s. Cells. Vol. 8.

Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Agafonov, Oleg; Høyheim, Bjørn; Houston, Ross D.; Taggart, John B.; Andreassen, Rune (2019). Expanding the miRNA Repertoire in Atlantic Salmon; Discovery of IsomiRs and miRNAs Highly Expressed in Different Tissues and Developmental Stages. 23 s. Cells. Vol. 8.

Andreassen, Rune ; Woldemariam, Nardos Tesfaye ; Egeland, Ine Østråt; Agafonov, Oleg; Sindre, Hilde; Høyheim, Bjørn (2017). Identification of differentially expressed Atlantic salmon miRNAs responding to salmonid alphavirus (SAV) infection. 19 s. BMC Genomics. Vol. 18.

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