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Anita Ellen Tobiassen

Anita Ellen Tobiassen

Scientific publications

Døving, Erik; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2020). Realkompetansevurdering i norske kommuner. Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training . Vol. 10.

Elvekrok, Ingunn; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2020). Using a Magnifying Glass to Examine Network Formation among Artisan Entrepreneurs. Proceedings of the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ECIE .

Tobiassen, Anita Ellen; Elvekrok, Ingunn; Jahnsen, Erlend Listøl; Løtvedt, Alexander Sæbø (2018). The value of accelerator programmes in the internationalization of Norwegian international new ventures. Proceedings of the European Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, ECIE . Vol. 2018-September.

Tobiassen, Anita Ellen; Pettersen, Inger Beate (2018). Exploring open innovation collaboration between SMEs and larger customers: The case of high-technology firms. Baltic Journal of Management . Vol. 13.

Pettersen, Inger Beate; Aarstad, Jarle; Høvig, Øystein Stavø; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2016). Business incubation and the network resources of start-ups. Journal of Innovation and Entrepreneurship . Vol. 5.

Tobiassen, Anita Ellen; Vermedal, Pål-Vemund (2014). Knowledge Transfer in a Geographically Dispersed Organization: The Role of an Integration Unit. Shedding New Lights on Organisational Learning, Knowledge and Capabilities. 7. p. 175-194. Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Nesheim, Torstein; Fahle, Bjørnar; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2014). When external consultants work on internal projects: exploring managerial challenges. Management and Organization of Temporary Agency Work. 5. p. 72-86. Routledge.

Loussaïef, Leïla; Cacho-Elizondo, Silvia; Pettersen, Inger Beate; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2014). Do CSR actions in retailing really matter for young consumers? A study in France and Norway. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services . Vol. 21.

Tobiassen, Anita Ellen; Døving, Erik (2014). Kompetansevurdering og kompetanseheving i pleie- og omsorgssektoren :. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning . Vol. 17.

Pettersen, Inger Beate; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2012). Are born globals really born globals? The case of academic spin-offs with long development periods. Journal of International Entrepreneurship . Vol. 10.

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