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Erik Døving

Erik Døving


Research and teaching areas:
Management, HRM, learning and skills, strategy, program evaluation, research methods.

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Business   Public and private administration   Organisational psychology   Sociology

Subject areas

Vocational in-service training   Program evaluation   Competence building   Quanitative research methods   Learning environment   Leadership and organizational theory   Social competence   Survey methods   Competence   Econometric and statistical methods: general   Organisational learning   The comparative method   Social science methods   Human resource management   Strategic leadership   Strategisk kompetanseutvikling   Professions   HRM human resource management


Denmark   United Kingdom   Norway   Sweden   USA

Administrative field of work

Research strategy

Scientific publications

Elstad, Beate ; Døving, Erik ; Jansson, Dag (2024). Personal strength and coping during the COVID-19 pandemic: A study of cultural workers in the music sector. Psychology of Music.

Elstad, Beate ; Døving, Erik ; Jansson, Dag (2023). Å falle mellom alle stoler under koronapandemien. Kulturarbeidere med multiple tilknytningsformer til arbeidslivet. Tidsskrift for velferdsforskning. Vol. 26.

Elstad, Beate ; Døving, Erik ; Jansson, Dag (2022). Precariousness during an ongoing crisis. Cultural workers and the corona pandemic. 17 p. Industrial relations journal. Vol. 53.

Jansson, Dag ; Elstad, Beate ; Døving, Erik (2022). Inescapably Les Misérables? Understanding the Sensemaking of the Artistic Precariat. The Journal of Arts Management, Law, and Society. Vol. 53.

Askim, Jostein; Døving, Erik ; Johnsen, Åge (2021). Evaluation in Norway: A 25-Year Assessment. 22 p. Scandinavian Journal of Public Administration (SPJA). Vol. 25.

Elstad, Beate ; Jansson, Dag ; Døving, Erik (2021). The COVID-19 Pandemic and Cultural Workers: Fight, Flight or Freeze in Lockdown?. Salvador, Elisa; Navarrete, Trilce; Srakar, Andrej (Ed.). Cultural Industries and the Covid-19 Pandemic. p. 83-97. Routledge.

Jansson, Dag ; Døving, Erik ; Elstad, Beate (2021). The construction of leadership practice: Making sense of leader competencies. Leadership.

Døving, Erik ; Tobiassen, Anita Ellen (2020). Realkompetansevurdering i norske kommuner. Nordic Journal of Vocational Education and Training. Vol. 10.

Elstad, Beate ; Døving, Erik ; Jansson, Dag (2020). Usikkerhet i koronaens tid. En studie av kulturarbeidere med ulike tilknytningsformer til arbeidslivet. Søkelys på arbeidslivet. Vol. 37.

Jansson, Dag ; Døving, Erik ; Elstad, Beate (2019). Choral conducting competences: Perceptions and priorities. Research Studies in Music Education. Vol. 43.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete