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Alexander Kristoffersen Lykke

Alexander Kristoffersen Lykke


Academic interests

Courses taught

I teach in the teacher's educations, and in courses for teachers (KFK). The spring of 2023 I teach in second language pedagogy (ASPR) and completive teacher's education (KOML).


Three years as associate professor at Østfold University College (HiØ). I have mainly taught in topics related to linguistic structure (grammar) and language variation and change. This has included multilingualism on most courses, both second language acquisition and heritage language, as well as historical linguistics. 

PhD in Linguistics, UiO. Dissertation (in English): Variation and Change in the Tense Morphology of Heritage Norwegian in North America

BA and MA in Nordic language from UiO. Master's thesis (in Norwegian): Unstressed /i/ and /u/ in the Norwegian runic material after 1050 CE.


Language consultant for the TV series Beforeigners produced by Rubicon for HBO Nordic.

Consultant for Ravneringene (Gyldendal) (published in English as The Raven Rings (Arctis)) an award-winning trilogy of novels by Siri Pettersen.

Scientific publications

Natvig, David Albert; Putnam, Michael T.; Lykke, Alexander Kristoffersen (2023). Stability in the integrated bilingual grammar: Tense exponency in North American Norwegian. Nordic Journal of Linguistics.

Lykke, Alexander Kristoffersen (2022). Piecing together the history of change: A diachronic study of moribund heritage Norwegian tense morphology. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS). Vol. 12 .

Lykke, Alexander Kristoffersen ; Hjelde, Arnstein (2022). New perspectives on grammatical change in heritage Norwegian: Introducing the adult speaker and adolescent relearner. Bergen Language and Linguistics Studies (BeLLS). Vol. 12.

Lykke, Alexander K. (2018). The Relation between Finiteness Morphology and Verb-Second: An Empirical Study of Heritage Norwegian. Kühl, Karoline; Petersen, Jan Heegård (Ed.). Selected Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Immigrant Languages in the Americas (WILA 8). p. 71-79. Cascadilla Press.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete