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Allen Tadayon

Allen Tadayon

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Building, construction and transport technology

Subject areas

Research Ethics   Project Management   Philosophy of science   Design management   Research Methodolgy   Applied Artificial Intelligence



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Scientific publications

Memic, Nadina; Tadayon, Allen ; Wondimu, Paulos Abebe; Lædre, Ola; Klakegg, Ole Jonny (2023). Which contractor competencies are valuable for the client in the pre-construction phase?. Procedia Computer Science. Vol. 219C.

Memic, Nadina; Tadayon, Allen ; Olsson, Nils Olof Emanuel; Wondimu, Paulos Abebe; Ishtiaque, Tausif Ahmed; Lædre, Ola (2023). Exploring Pre-Construction Activities in Infrastructure Projects That Can Benefit from Contractor Involvement. Buildings. Vol. 13.

Rahmani, Farshid; Tadayon, Allen ; van der Walt, Jacobus Daniel (2021). Team composition in relational contracting (RC) in large infrastructure projects: a Belbin’s team roles model approach. 20 p. Engineering Construction and Architectural Management.

Wondimu, Paulos Abebe; Tadayon, Allen ; Lohne, Jardar; Lædre, Ola (2020). Tidlig involvering av entreprenør. Lædre, Ola (Ed.). Kontraktstrategi - en antologi. p. 53-73. Ex ante akademisk forlag Trondheim.

Young, Brendan; Tadayon, Allen ; Klakegg, Ole Jonny; Lædre, Ola (2020). Hva gjør en allianse til en allianse?. Lædre, Ola (Ed.). Kontraktstrategi - en antologi. p. 107-129. Ex ante akademisk forlag Trondheim.

Tadayon, Allen ; Wondimu, Paulos Abebe; Klakegg, Ole Jonny; Andersen, Bjørn Sørskot; Lædre, Ola (2020). Samspill i bygg- og anleggsprosjekter. Teori og praksis. Lædre, Ola (Ed.). Kontraktstrategi - en antologi. p. 79-106. Ex ante akademisk forlag Trondheim.

Wondimu, Paulos Abebe; Tadayon, Allen ; Lohne, Jardar; Lædre, Ola (2018). Early contractor involvement approaches in public project procurement. Journal of Public Procurement. Vol. 18.

Young, Brendan; Hosseini, Ali ; Lædre, Ola (2017). A Comparison of Project Alliancing and Lean Construction. Bosché, Frédéric; Brilakis, Ioannis; Sacks, Rafael (Ed.). 2017 Lean and Computing in Construction Congress (LC3) - Proceedings of the Joint Conference on Computing in Construction (JC3). p. 61-68. International Group for Lean Construction.

Wondimu, Paulos; Hailemichael, Eyuell; Svalestuen, Fredrik; Hosseini, Ali ; Lohne, Jardar; Lædre, Ola (2017). Implementation of Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) in Norwegian Bridge Projects Procurement. Buser, Martine; Lindahl, Göran; Räisänen, Christine (Ed.). Proceedings of the 9th Nordic Conference on Construction Economics and Organization. p. 525-536. Polyteknisk Boghandel og Forlag.

Meistad, Torill; Støre-Valen, Marit; Knotten, Vegard; Hosseini, Ali ; Klakegg, Ole Jonny; Mejlænder-Larsen, Øystein; Hjelseth, Eilif ; Svalestuen, Fredrik; Lædre, Ola; Hansen, Geir Karsten; Lohne, Jardar (2017). Stakeholder perspectives and information exchange in AEC projects. Sanchez, Adriana X.; Hampson, Keith; London, Geoffrey (Ed.). Integrating information in built environments - from concept to practice. p. 194-209. Routledge.

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