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Andre Laestadius

Andre Laestadius


Academic interests: mathematical quantum chemistry

Academic Background: My background is from mathematics and theoretical chemistry. In my master's thesis, I studied mathematical aspects of quantum chemistry, specifically time-dependent current-density-functional-theory (under supervision of Prof. Olav Vahtras). After that, I completed a PhD in applied mathematics with the thesis Foundations of Density Functionals in the Presence of Magnetic Field.

Current research: I am PI of two projects, CCerror (RCN funded) and REGAL (ERC funded).

The ERC funded project REGAL (full title: Regularized density-functional analysis) started Sept. 2022. The aim of this project is to investigate density-functional theory in a lossless (Moreau-Yosida) regularized setting.

Academic Degrees: I hold the following degrees from Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden:
-Master of Science in Biotechnology (September 2008, final grade: 5.0/5.0, Thesis 5.0/5.0)
-Ph.D in applied mathematics (June 2014, supervisor: M. Benedicks, co-supervisors: A. Szepessy and O. Vahtras)

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Applied mathematics

Subject areas

Density functional theory

Research groups

Scientific publications

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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete