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Arash Soleiman Fallah

Arash Soleiman Fallah


Professor Arash Soleiman Fallah joined OsloMet in 2020. Prior to that he was an Asscoaite Professor in Dynamics and Vibration at Brunel University London, and before that an Assistant Professor in Aeronautics at Imperial College London. He is currently the Vice-Preseident-Scandinavia of the International Society of Multiphysics and the Guest Editor of MDPI-Vibration.

His research interests include: mechanics of composite wind turbine blades, assessment of blast and impact resistant structures, study of fracture in quasi-brittle materials using peridynamics, frequency filtering in phononic metamaterials, lattices and hyperlattices, extended finite element formulation of plated structures, damage and fracture in composites and constitutive visco-elastic, plastic and visco-plastic formulations for metals and composites.

He is a Visiting Senior Research Consultant at ICP-ZHAW and a Visiting Researcher at Imperial College. He is a member of RAeS and a Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

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Scientific publications

Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Giannakeas, I N; Mella, R; Wenman, M R; Safa, Y; Bahai, Hamid (2020). On the computational derivation of bond-based peridynamic stress tensor. Journal of Peridynamics and Nonlocal Modeling . Vol. 2.

Giannakeas, I N; Papathanasiou, T K; Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Bahai, Hamid (2020). Coupling XFEM and Peridynamics for brittle fracture simulation: part II—adaptive relocation strategy. Computational Mechanics . Vol. 66.

Giannakeas, I N; Papathanasiou, T K; Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Bahai, Hamid (2020). Coupling XFEM and peridynamics for brittle fracture simulation—part I: feasibility and effectiveness. Computational Mechanics . Vol. 66.

Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Ghajari, M; Safa, Y (2019). Computational modelling of dynamic delamination in morphing composite blades and wings. The International Journal of Multiphysics .

Navadeh, N; Gorshko, I O; Zhuk, Y A; Soleiman Fallah, Arash (2019). Approximate Mode-based Simulation of Composite Wind Turbine Blade Vibrations using a Simplified Beam Model. European Journal of Computational Mechanics.

Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Mehregnian, N; Louca, Luke A. (2019). Nonlinear dynamics of locally pulse loaded square Föppl–von Kármán thin plates. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences . Vol. 163.

Mehregnian, N; Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Louca, Luke A. (2019). Dynamic Performance of Simply Supported Rigid-Plastic Square Plates Subject to Localized Blast Loading. Journal of engineering mechanics . Vol. 145.

Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Navadeh, N; Tereshchuk, V V; Gorshkov, V N (2019). Phononic dispersion in anisotropic pseudo-fractal hyper-lattices. Materials & design . Vol. 164.

Gorshkov, V N; Sareh, P; Tereshchuk, V V; Soleiman Fallah, Arash (2019). Dynamics of Anisotropic Break‐Up in Nanowires of FCC Lattice Structure. Advanced Theory and Simulations . Vol. 2.

Chen, Y.; Sareh, P; Yan, J.; Soleiman Fallah, Arash; Feng, J (2019). An integrated geometric-graph-theoretic approach to representing origami structures and their corresponding truss frameworks. Journal of mechanical design (1990) . Vol. 141.

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