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Arnfinn Gilberg

Arnfinn Gilberg


PhD candidate (former Assistant Professor) Arnfinn Gilberg works at Oslo Metropolitan University at the Department of Vocational Teacher Education. He has experience from online and campus-based vocational teacher education. He teaches the professional subject, the vocational subject and has subject responsibility at the Department of Vocational Teacher Education at OsloMet. He has a background in the automotive industry with a trade- and masters certificate in the automotive light vehicle trade and a trade certificate in the spare parts trade. Furthermore, he has a higher technical vocational school with specialization in workshop management, vocational teacher training and a masters degree in vocational pedagogy. He has long experience as a vocational teacher in upper secondary school. He has a high level of expertise in the use of mini-companies in upper secondary vocational education. Of professional interest, he is concerned with digital skills such as coding and robotics and zero-emission vehicles, as well as adults learning, at-risk youth and early school leaving. He likes to take on external assignments within his area of expertise, and has recently contributed to network gatherings at the Oslo School, professional posts commissioned by HKDIR the Norwegian Prison and Probation Service and Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation - NRK. He is subject manager for Technology and industry subjects at Great Norwegian Encyclopedia and a member of the examination board for the spare parts trade in Akershus.

During the PhD period, he works on the project From unskilled to skilled worker - adults who get a trade certificate through the practice candidate scheme. Through interviews with several informants who use or have recently used the practice candidate scheme to obtain trade certificates as cleaning operators, professional drivers and healthcare workers, this PhD project aims to acquire new knowledge about how adults who have not previously completed upper secondary school learn in the workplace through formal and informal learning.

Publications and research


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These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete