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Bo Mussmann

Bo Mussmann

Scientific publications

Mussmann, Bo (2023). Reply to Letter to the editor “Radiographer research-what next?”,. Radiography .

Brage, Karen; Mussmann, Bo; Geijer, Mats; Larsen, Palle; Jensen, Janni (2023). Clinical application of EOS imaging system: a scoping review protocol. JBI Evidence Synthesis . Vol. 21.

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Mussmann, Bo; Milner, Robert; Barlow, Nicholas; Jensen, Janni (2022). The lateral wrist radiograph - To retake or not to retake. Radiography .

Kristjánsdóttir, Björg; Tækker, Maria; Andersen, Michael Brun; Bendtsen, Lasse; Berntsen, mikkel; Dahlin, Jan; Frandsen, Maja L; Gosvig, Kristina; Greisen, Pernille Wied; Laursen, Christian B.; Mussmann, Bo; Posth, Stefan; Rasmussen, Claus-Henrik; Sjölander, Hannes; Graumann, Ole (2022). Ultra-low dose computed tomography of the chest in an emergency setting: A prospective agreement study. Medicine . Vol. 101.

Falk Brekke, Anders; Overgaard, Søren; Mussmann, Bo; Poulsen, Erik; Holsgaard-Larsen, Anders (2022). Exercise in patients with acetabular retroversion and excessive anterior pelvic tilt: A feasibility and intervention study. Musculoskeletal Science and Practice . Vol. 61.

Tækker, Maria; Kristjánsdóttir, Björg; Andersen, Michael B; Fransen, Maja L; Greisen, Pernille W; Laursen, Christian B; Mussmann, Bo; Posth, Stefan; Graumann, Ole (2022). Diagnostic accuracy of ultra-low-dose chest computed tomography in an emergency department. Acta Radiologica . Vol. 63.

Friismose, Ancuta; Nguyen, Nina; Markovic, Ljubo; Gerke, Oke; Schultz, Mette; Mussmann, Bo (2021). Amide proton transfer-weighted MRI in the clinical setting – correlation with dynamic susceptibility contrast perfusion in the post-treatment imaging of adult glioma patients at 3T. Radiography .

Bolejko, Anetta; Andersson, Bodil; Debess, Jeanne; Fridell, Kent; Henner, Anja; Sanderud, Audun; Saukko, Ekaterina; Mussmann, Bo (2021). Facilitators for and barriers to radiography research in public healthcare in Nordic countries. Radiography . Vol. 28.

Mussmann, Bo; Hardy, Maryann; Jensen, Janni (2021). There's nothing plain about projection radiography! A discussion paper. Radiography .

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete