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Chaoru Lu

Chaoru Lu


Dr. Chaoru Lu is currently an Associate Professor of smart mobility at the Department of Civil Engineering and Energy Technology. His research work mainly lies in intelligent transport system, traffic flow theory, autonomous vehicle, and transport electrification.

Ph.D. Iowa State University,2017
MS Texas A and M University-Kingsville, 2014
BS Hunan University of Science and Technology, China , 2011

Research Areas
intelligent transport system, traffic flow theory, autonomous vehicle, and transport electrification

Fields of study

Academic disciplines

Other information technology

Subject areas

Public transport   Transport Modelling   Intelligent Transport Systems   Zero Emission Transport   Intelligent Transportation Systems

Publications and research

Scientific publications

Yang, Anni; Liu, Chenhui; Yang, Di; Lu, Chaoru (2022). Electric vehicle adoption in a mature market: a case study of Norway. 10 p. Journal of Transport Geography . Vol. 106.

Wang, Yongxing; Lu, Chaoru; Bi, Jun; Sai, Qiuyue; Qu, Xiaobo (2022). Lifecycle Cost Optimization for Electric bus Systems with Different Charging Methods: Collaborative Optimization of Infrastructure Procurement and Fleet Scheduling. 20 p. IEEE transactions on intelligent transportation systems (Print) .

Wang, Yongxing; Liao, Feixiong; Lu, Chaoru (2022). Integrated optimization of charger deployment and fleet scheduling for battery electric buses. 18 p. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment . Vol. 109.

Niu, Xiao-Jing; Zhao, Xiao-Mei; Xie, Dong-Fan; Liu, Feng; Bi, Jun; Lu, Chaoru (2022). Impact of large-scale activities on macroscopic fundamental diagram: Field data analysis and modeling. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice . Vol. 161.

Lu, Chaoru; Xie, Dong-Fan; Zhao, Xiao-Mei; Qu, Xiaobo (2022). The role of alternative fuel buses in the transition period of public transport electrification in Europe: a lifecycle perspective. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation .

Namazi, Elnaz; Mester, Rudolf; Li, Jingyue; Lu, Chaoru; Tang, Meng; Xiong, Ying (2022). Traffic Awareness Through Multiple Mobile Sensor Fusion. IEEE Sensors Journal . Vol. 22.

Namazi, Elnaz; Mester, Rudolf; Lu, Chaoru; Li, Jingyue (2022). Geolocation estimation of target vehicles using image processing and geometric computation. Neurocomputing . Vol. 499.

He, Shanglu; Ding, Fan; Lu, Chaoru; Qi, Yong (2022). Impact of connected and autonomous vehicle dedicated lane on the freeway traffic efficiency. European Transport Research Review . Vol. 14.

Sai, Qiuyue; Bi, Jun; Wang, Yongxing; Zhi, Ru; Lu, Chaoru (2022). Pick-Up Time Analysis and Prediction for Carsharing Users Based on Decision Tree. SAE International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, Energy, Environment, & Policy . Vol. 3.

Li, Chao; Zhao, Xiao-Mei; Xie, Dong-Fan; He, Zhengbing; Lu, Chaoru (2022). Exploring the impact mechanism of communicating information on the perturbation propagation. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science .

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