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Efthymios Papatzikis

Efthymios Papatzikis


Focusing on the interdisciplinary crossroads of Music Pediatrics and Music Psychology, I am an Associate Professor of Infant Brain Development and a member of the Advanced Health Intelligence and Brain-Inspired Technologies (ADEPT) Research Group at Oslo Metropolitan University in Norway. I am mostly interested to understand how the brain develops in the first 1500 days of life. To achieve my goal, I am using neuroimaging (qEEG-ABR-aEEG), behavioral and observational methods. I have been extensively trained and worked in many high profile institutions, including Harvard University (PostDoc in the Mind, Brain and Education program and the Athinoula Martinos Centre for Biomedical Imaging), the University of East Anglia (PhD in Music Psychology), the UCL, University of London, as well as the International Brain Research Organisation (PostDoc training in applied neuroscience and neuroimaging). I extensively publish in and review research for major journals in the filed, while I am an Associate Editor of the Frontiers in Pediatric Psychology Journal, and a Guest Editor for the Frontiers in Pediatrics journal in the Special research topic “Medical Neurohumanities in pediatric care”. I am a member of the International Congress of Infant Studies (ICIS), the New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS), the Fetal Infant and Toddler Neuroimaging Group (FITNG), a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (FHEA), UK, and I hold Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) with the National College for Teaching and Leadership, UK, and the Ministry of Education, Greece (QTS). I am a board member of the Bright Start Foundation for Maternal and Child Health in Switzerland, while in a groundbreaking initiative, I co-led the World Health Organisation (WHO) and Canadian University Dubai collaborating centre on Occupational Mental Health between 2019-2020. Throughout my career, I have advised entities such as the Foundation Botin in Spain, the Early Arts Foundation in the UK, and the Early Years TV Programs at the BBC, UK, while in August 2023, I accepted the role of lead academic for Norway in the management committee of the EU Cost Action CA22111 - A European consortium to determine how complex, real-world environments influence brain development. Recently, I was certified by the World Health Organization as a specialist in Social Prescribing, a certification that recognizes my expertise in guiding individuals towards non-pharmacological sources of support and treatment, focusing on holistic well-being and development. Finally, after a personal invitation from Springer Nature publishing house, I have been recently appointed the editor and main author for the pioneering book titled *Infant Neuroscience and Music: Insights into Development and Medicine* (forthcoming in 2025).

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Subject areas

Neuroscience   Music   Infant Development   Electroencephalography   Auditory Brainstem Response   Educational Habilitation

Scientific publications

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