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Efthymios Papatzikis

Efthymios Papatzikis



Nevrovitenskap   Music   Infant Development   Electroencephalography   Auditory Brainstem Response   Educational Habilitation

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Pliogou, Vasiliki; Zaragas, Harilaos; Tromara, Sophia; Koliopoulou, Athina; Papatzikis, Efthymios (2024). Distance Education in Early Childhood Education During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Teachers’ and Parents’ Perspectives and Experiences in Greece. The Educational Review, USA. Vol. 8.

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Papatzikis, Efthymios (2023). Music and Brain: Looking at research conducted in the first 20 years of the century (in Greek: Μουσική και εγκέφαλος: μια ματιά στο απόγειο της έρευνας των 20 πρώτων χρόνων του αιώνα). Dritsas, Thanasis (Red.). Papazissis Pub..

Bampa, Grigoria; Tsolaki, Magdalini; Moraitou, Despina; Metallidou, Panagiota; Masoura, Elvira; Mintziviri, Maria; Paparis, Konstantinos; Tsourou, Dorothea; Papantoniou, Georgia; Sofologi, Maria; Papaliagkas, Vasileios; Kougioumtzis, Georgios; Papatzikis, Efthymios (2023). Metacognitive Differences in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Cognition: A Cross-Sectional Study Employing Online Measures. Journal of Intelligence. Vol. 11.

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Sofologi, Maria; Papatzikis, Efthymios ; Kougioumtzis, Georgios A.; Kosmidou, Elina; Klitsioti, Asimenia; Droutme, Andreani; Sourbi, Aggeliki-Anna; Chrisostomou, Dimitra; Efstratopoulou, Maria (2022). Effectiveness of Musical Training on Reading Comprehension in Elementary School Children. Is There an Associative Cognitive Benefit?. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 7.

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Papatzikis, Efthymios ; Rishoni, Hadas (2022). What is music for neuroplasticity? Combined value on infant development and inclusion. Efstratopoulou, Maria (Red.). Rethinking Inclusion and Transformation in Special Education. IGI Global.

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