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Fabio Bento

Fabio Bento

Scientific publications

Bento, Fabio ; Adenusi, Tayo; Khanal, Puspa (2023). Middle level leadership in schools: a scoping review of literature informed by a complex system perspective. International Journal of Leadership in Education.

Bento, Fabio ; Giglio Bottino, Andréa; Cerchiareto Pereira, Felipe; Forastieri de Almeida, Janimayri; Gomes Rodrigues, Fabiana (2021). Resilience in Higher Education: A Complex Perspective to Lecturers’ Adaptive Processes in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. 15 p. Education Sciences. Vol. 11.

Khanal, Puspa; Bento, Fabio ; Tagliabue, Marco (2021). A Scoping Review of Organizational Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic in Schools: A Complex Systems Perspective. Education Sciences. Vol. 11.

Bento, Fabio ; Carvalho Couto, Kalliu (2021). A Behavioral Perspective on Community Resilience during the COVID-19 Pandemic: The Case of Paraisópolis in São Paulo, Brazil. 18 p. Sustainability. Vol. 13.

Bento, Fabio ; Garotti, Luciano; Mercado, Marina Prado (2021). Organizational resilience in the oil and gas industry: A scoping review. 11 p. Safety Science. Vol. 133.

Bento, Fabio ; Tagliabue, Marco ; Sandaker, Ingunn (2020). Complex systems and social behavior: Bridging social networks and behavior analysis. Cihon, Traci M.; Mattaini, Mark A. (Ed.). Behavior Science Perspectives on Culture and Community. p. 67-91. Springer.

Bento, Fabio ; Tagliabue, Marco ; Lorenzo, Flora (2020). Organizational Silos: A Scoping Review Informed by a Behavioral Perspective on Systems and Networks. Societies. Vol. 10.

Aouad, Jennifer; Bento, Fabio (2020). A complexity perspective on parent-teacher collaboration in special education: Narratives from the field in Lebanon. 18 p. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity. Vol. 6.

Bento, Fabio (2020). Uma introdução crítica a pesquisa em gestão do conhecimento e desafios da complexidade (A critical introduction to knowledge management and the challenges of complexity). Revista Femass. Vol. 2.

Bento, Fabio ; Garotti, Luciano (2019). Resilience beyond Formal Structures: A Network Perspective towards the Challenges of an Aging Workforce in the Oil and Gas Industry. Journal of Open Innovation: Technology, Market, and Complexity. Vol. 5.

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