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Helen Eriksen

Helen Eriksen

Scientific publications

Klungland, Monica; Jamouchi, Samira; Eriksen, Helen ; Hauen, Mali (2023). MATERIAL TOUCH. APRIA [Artez Platform for Research Interventions of the Arts].

Bayati, Zahra; Ulrichsen, Gry Olsen; Eriksen, Helen (2022). Dressing and Undressing Whiteness. PARSE Journal.

Ulrichsen, Gry Olsen; Eriksen, Helen ; Bayati, Zahra (2021). Struggling to decolonise ourselves as an antiracist act within the field of Nordic Community School of Music and Arts. Journal for Research in Arts and Sports Education. Vol. 5.

Eriksen, Helen ; Ulrichsen, Gry Olsen; Bayati, Zahra (2020). Stones and the Destabilisation of Safe Ethical Space. Periskop.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete