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Isa Steinmann

Isa Steinmann


Isa Steinmann is an Associate Professor at the Department of Primary and Secondary Teacher Education (GFU) at Oslo Metropolitan University. One strand of her research focuses on determining how education systems and schools affect student achievement and educational inequality outcomes. In this field, she enjoys applying methods that aim for causal inference from large-scale assessment data. Another strand of her research interests concerns how properties of international large-scale assessments are linked to their results and interact with the respondents.

Scientific publications

Steinmann, Isa; Strello, Andrés; Strietholt, Rolf (2023). The effects of early between-school tracking on gender segregation and gender gaps in achievement: a differences-in-differences study. School Effectiveness and School Improvement .

Steinmann, Isa; Olsen, Rolf Vegar (2022). Equal opportunities for all? Analyzing within-country variation in school effectiveness. Large-scale Assessments in Education . Vol. 10.

Strello, Andrés; Strietholt, Rolf; Steinmann, Isa (2022). Does tracking increase segregation? International evidence on the effects of between-school tracking on social segregation across schools. Research in Social Stratification and Mobility . Vol. 78.

Rosén, Monica; Steinmann, Isa; Wernersson, Inga (2022). Gender Differences in Achievement. Nilsen, Trude; Stancel-Piątak, Agnes; Gustafsson, Jan-Eric (Ed.). International Handbook of Comparative Large-Scale Studies in Education. 48. p. 1351-1398. Springer.

Steinmann, Isa; Sanchez, Daniel; van Laar, Saskia; Braeken, Johan (2021). The impact of inconsistent responders to mixed-worded scales on inferences in international large-scale assessments. Assessment in education: Principles, Policy & Practice .

Steinmann, Isa; Strietholt, Rolf; Braeken, Johan (2021). A Constrained Factor Mixture Analysis Model for Consistent and Inconsistent Respondents to Mixed-Worded Scales. Psychological methods .

Strello, Andrés; Strietholt, Rolf; Steinmann, Isa; Siepmann, Charlotte (2021). Early Tracking and Different Types of Inequalities in Achievement: Difference-in-Differences Evidence from 20 Years of Large-scale Assessments. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability . Vol. 33.

Gladushyna, Olesya; Strietholt, Rolf; Steinmann, Isa (2020). Disentangling general achievement levels and subject-specific strengths and weaknesses in mathematics, reading, and science. Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Accountability .

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