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Jacopo Bizzotto

Jacopo Bizzotto


My fields of research are Industrial Organization, Corporate Finance, and Microeconomic Theory. Most of my work applies microeconomic theory to study the way information is generated and shared in markets. For ongoing research visit my personal webpage

Scientific publications

Bizzotto, Jacopo; Rudiger, Jesper; Vigier, Adrien Henri (2021). Dynamic Persuasion with Outside Information. 16 p. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics . Vol. 13.

Bizzotto, Jacopo; Vigier, Adrien Henri (2021). Fees, Reputation and Information Production in the Credit Rating Industry. American Economic Journal: Microeconomics .

Bizzotto, Jacopo; Vigier, Adrien (2020). Can a better informed listener be easier to persuade?. Economic Theory .

Bizzotto, Jacopo; Rudiger, Jesper; Vigier, Adrien Henri (2020). Testing, disclosure and approval. 12 p. Journal of Economic Theory . Vol. 187.

Bizzotto, Jacopo; Solow, Benjamin (2019). Electoral competition with strategic disclosure. Games . Vol. 10.

These publications are obtained from Cristin. The list may be incomplete